WOD: 5-14-12

Post total time to comments.

Strength: Back Squat:

1×6 70%
1×6 80%
1×3 90%
1×2 95%

WOD: For time:

15 Body Blasters
20 Box Jump (24/20)
12 Body Blasters
20 Box Jump (24/20)
9 Body Blasters
20 Box Jump (24/20)


If 2×2 at 90% felt heavy last week, then 1×2 at 95% will be even better.  For those who have been squatting consistently, you will see how manageable this 95% has become.  If you haven’t been consistently, this is still a good test to see how you can perform at loads this close to the maximum.  Next week we are going for 100%.

The ol’ Body Blaster…another new movement that you get to try out today.  1 Body Blaster is 1 Pull Up and 1 Toes-to-Bar together without dropping down from the Pull Up bar.  The scale for the Body Blaster would be to complete all of the reps separately.  All Pull Ups will be done first in whatever method of scaling necessary and then all Toes-to-Bar will be done likewise.  This quicker WOD should fit in nicely after the longer workouts of last week and will be a good test of overall gymnastic endurance.  As a quick heads up, June programming is now under way…

The Baseline will have a run,




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